ThingML for Arduino

ThingML for Arduino is a set ThingML tools and libraries which target the Arduino microcontroller platform. Arduino is an open-hardware and open-source platform used for prototyping and education. It is easy to use, inexpensive and widely available. For more information about Arduino, please visit the Arduino web page.

Getting started

To use ThingML for Arduino you need to:

  • Have an Arduino board (we test our tools with Arduino boards based on the ATMega328 microcontroller like the Arduino UNO so this is the safe choice even if other Arduino boards should be supported).
  • Install the Arduino open-source IDE. It is open-source and available for all platforms. It provides the Arduino compiler and all the tools required to upload programs to Arduino boards. You can download it from the here.
  • Install the ThingML IDE. You need to have Java installed on you computer. Just click on this link to download and launch the ThingML IDE.

To get stated browse the samples provided with the ThingML IDE and compile them for Arduino. When compiling for Arduino, the ThingML IDE will automatically open the Arduino IDE and load the generated code. You can then upload it to your Arduino board.

Note: The first time you compile to Arduino the ThingML IDE will ask you to provide the installation directory for the Arduino IDE.